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Narcotics Offenses

Narcotics Offenses

The law office of Victor D. Martinez, P.A. fights for the rights of people charged with drug crimes and narcotics offenses, including possession, distribution, sale, manufacture or cultivation, and trafficking offenses.

Tough Laws, Tough Punishments

The federal Controlled Substances Act covers a wide range of illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin, as well as prescription medicines and painkillers such as Morphine, Codeine, Percocet, Oxycontin and Oxycodone when bought or sold without a valid prescription. The penalties for conviction of a drug offense differ depending upon factors such as the type of drug and amount involved, the defendant’s criminal history, whether any force or weapons were involved, and more. In conjunction with the federal sentencing guidelines, punishments can exceed a million dollars in fines and decades in federal prison.

The state of Florida also has its own controlled substances law, which is very similar to the federal law in many respects. Florida criminal law also contains tough mandatory minimum sentences and habitual offender laws that can result in very long prison sentences for convicted offenders.

Help is Available

The office of Victor D. Martinez, P.A. has amassed a long string of successes in court from presenting a well-prepared, aggressive defense against the charges brought. A defendant in a drug case often has many defenses available, including entrapment, problems with the identification of the suspect, and the reliability of prosecution witnesses and sources of information, who may be implicating others in an attempt to gain leniency on their own drug charges. Drug searches, seizures, and arrests are also often rife with constitutional issues stemming from overzealous and questionable police tactics. We carefully investigate and analyze each case and utilize every avenue of defense in an attempt to secure a dismissal of the charges or verdict of not guilty at trial. If you have been arrested for a drug offense in the state of Florida, contact us for a free consultation.

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